sábado, 23 de mayo de 2009

Picacho Info

Dear volunteers ,

Hopefully this will answer all of your questions and give you a general idea of what life is like on my farm here in Picacho. I apologize for not being able to respond to your e-mails personally as it’s nearly impossible to get to the internet here.

I request a minimum of 2 persons arriving together and stay at least 3 weeks.
I’ve made a google calendar to make it easier for you to organize your stay here.
Once you decide volunteering on Picacho, you simply write in your names and the length of your stay. (Thoug if you would like to stay longer we can try to arrange it).

Go to: http://www.gmail.com/
Enter: picacho.bolivia@gmail.com
Password: 1209volunteers
Go to: calendar and fill in your names, e-mail addresses and the lenth of stay.

I can only host 3 people at once as I have 1 shared room for volunteers. The room has one double bed and one single bed – for whatever combination of 2 or 3 people travelling together. However – I would prefer to only host 3 people if you already know each other so as not to force strangers to live together.

Hope seeing you soon, hasta luego Uschi

PICACHO, an orgnaic farm in Bolivia

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  1. don´t miss to stay a while on the wonderful place picacho, spending time with uschi and maurus, two very pleasant persons.
    it opens oportunities to travel with the apparently most broken (but obviously securely driven) bus of the world through a beautiful landscape, to have very interesting and profund conversations about bolivia learning a mass about the region, to enjoy wonderful trips in the rainforest, getting explained the secrets of the local nature, and to enjoy some of the probably best meals of the world and, if you like, having controversial discussions. last but not least, it´s a nice experience to work on this varied farm, no matter if you´re building with mud, harvesting fruits, caring for the nice garden, ... . i spent 5 fascinating weeks there and i think, seldom, i have learned so much in such a short time. thanks a lot to you both. i hope to see you again one day.

    johannes from germany (in picacho in august/september 2009)

  2. hi, I worked on Uschi´s farm for 3 weeks and had an amazing time and as Johannes says it is not to be missed. There are lots of interesting things to learn and enjoy, but also lots of things to help out with. Uschi works very hard to keep such an amazing place and as she is generous enough to share this great lifestyle. Volunteers need to be coming to Picacho with a strong desire to learn, teach and help out where they can. Also it is very VERY important to use the calender to note your intended stay... if you show up unannounced Uschi may have to ask you to leave as there is not enough room for more than 3 people...not only for accomodation reasons but also because alot of the food is fruits and vegetables from the garden-and not unlimited supply.

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  4. Hi!

    We had a wonderfull time in Picacho where we stayed nearly 2 months. I think this is really an experience to live you'll learn a lot about amazonian forest, Bolivia, life with nature, animals, etc. Uschi and Maurus offer you very good conditions to discover a place so far from the civilization, and she is defintly a great coocker!
    Please try to be honest with the calandar and remove your name if you don't come or at least advertise. They really wait people so they are really desapointed when you don't come without saying a word.

    Enjoy your trip!


  5. Hola que tal? mi nombre es Laura, soy argentina, pero vivo en La Paz hace tiempo, tengo 35 años y muchas ganas de aprender.
    LA verdad que de campo no se nada.
    Soy cineasta, hago escenografia y tengo facilidad con algunas herramientas.
    Y estoy queriendo cambiar mi estilo de vida, aprender de permacultura y biocontrucción.
    Donde queda exactamente el lugar? y como es el sistema de voluntariado.
    No entiendo el inglés completamente es po eso que pregunto.
    Me guastaria empezar por un par de semana, para volver a La PAz, donde esta mi esposo, que por ahora tiene un trabajo que no puede dejar por un tiempito nomás.
    Saludos! gracias